Topical Platforms

Topical Platforms analyse scientific and engineering developments and activities in their field and identify future developments of major relevance to science, the economy and society in Switzerland. The Scientific Advisory Board assigns special tasks to the Topical Platforms, manages their tasks and organisation and elects their Chairpersons. The Topical Platforms report to the Scientific Advisory Board on an annual basis. The Secretariat maintains a close dialogue with the Topical Platform heads, draws on their expertise for publications and events and supports them in implementing projects and producing publications.


Prof. Anna Valente, Prof. Wolfgang Kröger, Dr. Hans-Peter Meyer und Dr. Michael Altorfer, Dr. Urs Mäder, Prof. Bernhard Tellenbach, Prof. Patricia Deflorin, Dr. Alessandro Curioni, Prof. Erich Windhab, Prof. Gabor Székely, Dr. Xaver Edelmann, Prof. Giovanni Sansavini und Prof. Daniel Gygax (from left to right)

Overview of the thematic platforms