Companies, critical infrastructure and even the general public face a growing risk of cyberattack. SATW helps make Switzerland more secure by networking experts, providing guidance and formulating aids on the complex issue of cybersecurity.



Civilian cybersecurity research: Switzerland needs to prioritise its resources


Enhancing cyber resilience through coordinated cooperation


How much cyber sovereignty does Switzerland need? If we are to lead our country into a secure future, it is essential that we resolve strategic issues such as these. SATW facilitates discussions of this nature and enlists outstanding minds to develop solutions for Switzerland as a nation. 

Major General Alain Vuitel, Project Manager, Armed Forces Cyber Command

Cybersecurity challenges for the Swiss government

Many of the technological developments of our age are closely connected to different aspects of cybersecurity. The SATW Cybersecurity Advisory Board has identified the key technological developments that are relevant from a cybersecurity perspective. It issues recommendations for decision-makers in government and administration on the action that needs to be taken now to equip Switzerland for the challenges of tomorrow.

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How safe do Swiss internet users feel in the cyberspace?


Swiss National Cyberstrategy (NCS): A Quantitative Assessment of the Cybersecurity Research Landscape


SATW Cybersecurity Advisory Board

How can Switzerland best prepare itself for cyber threats? This is where the SATW Cybersecurity Advisory Board comes in. The Board advises the Head Office on cybersecurity issues and the strategic direction of the priority programme. It regularly identifies new and relevant issues and highlights specific action areas. By doing so, the Advisory Board helps ensure that Switzerland is able to protect itself as effectively as possible against cyber threats.


Cybersecurity Topical Platform

The Cybersecurity Topical Platform enables SATW to identify at an early stage new technology and trends in cybersecurity that could be relevant to Swiss business and science. The aim is to give Switzerland the best possible position in such areas and to create suitable structures so that the country can derive maximum benefit from new technologies.

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 Nicole Wettstein

Nicole Wettstein

Head of Tech Intelligence