The main task of the "Chemistry" thematic platform is the early identification of problems and opportunities in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacy that are relevant to Swiss industry. Environmental risks in these areas are also monitored.

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  • Urs Mäder, ehemals Sika (Head)
  • Urs Burckhardt, Sika
  • Achim Ecker, ZHAW Life Sciences und Facility Management
  • René Gaelli, Arcadis Schweiz AG
  • Manfred Heuberger, Empa
  • Patrick Hunziker, Universitätsspital Basel
  • Christoph Kolano, Lonza
  • Roger Marti, HES-SO FR
  • Hans-Peter Meyer, HES-SO VS
  • Florian Uzunoglu, Avery Dennison