Data collection and recording are increasingly common in all areas of life. While such data is of great value to the economy and society, it is often not accessible. SATW has been working for many years to improve data availability for research and industry. As part of this work, it is bringing important players together to drive forward the development of trustworthy data spaces in various applications.




Comprehensive revision of the Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record: SATW statement

Digitalisation Digital self-determination Artificial Intelligence

Comprehensible data quality: Important criteria for the reuse of research data

Digitalisation Digital self-determination
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SATW’s unique network makes it a very valuable partner when the aim is to pool interdisciplinary knowledge on technical issues. One of the areas where we appreciate collaboration is the Digital Self-Determination Network, because this is exactly the content we need to advance the topic in Switzerland.

Deputy Director, Directorate of International Law, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA

As a neutral organisation whose mission is to serve technology, SATW is the ideal partner to get stakeholders from different interest groups around the same table. One of the reasons why collaboration with SATW on data-related topics has always been so valuable is that everyone needs to pull together to make better use of Switzerland’s potential.

André Golliez, President Swiss Data Alliance


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The challenge of data: Between business, research and data protection

Digital self-determination

How we can ensure secure and sustainable data handling

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 Manuel Kugler

Manuel Kugler

Data & AI Programme Manager / Advanced Manufacturing