Making Switzerland’s energy systems carbon-neutral while safeguarding supply is a major challenge for the country. SATW is supporting developments by identifying important new technologies, providing comprehensive information and unbiased explanations and assessing the potential of innovative solutions. With regard to the environment, SATW also works on the important topics of the circular economy and biotechnology.



How can a smooth defossilisation of the Swiss chemical sector be achieved?

Energy and environment

The SATW Sustainable Manufacturing Expert Group: Pathways to a sustainable industry

Advanced Manufacturing Energy and environment

Sustainable Circular Economy Topical Platform

The Sustainable Circular Economy Topical Platform reviews the scientific foundations of the circular economy and networks existing initiatives. It assesses the relevance of the circular economy along the value chain from environmental, societal, economic and technological perspectives. Systemic considerations that take account of system boundaries play an important role in this process. These activities enable SATW to identify and support solutions that aim to reduce Switzerland’s consumption of natural resources and the country’s environmental impact.

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Future visions and technologies for distribution grids

Energy and environment Foresight
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Nuclear energy technologies: overview of current status and development

Energy and environment


Dr. Christian Holzner

Dr. Christian Holzner

Energy and Environment Programme Manager