Germaine de Staël Funding Programme

Mandated by the Swiss Confederation, the Germaine-de-Staël programme promotes French-Swiss research partnerships. It is open to all research disciplines and covers travel and accommodation costs for short stays with the partner team.

The next application period will run from 11 March to 30 May 2024.

News on the Germaine de Staël funding programme


Restart of the Germaine de Staël funding programme: Impulse for research cooperation between Switzerland and France

Germaine de Staël
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Germaine de Staël Scholarship: crossing borders to grow scientific advances

Germaine de Staël

The funding Programme

• All research disciplines are supported, including the social sciences and the humanities.
• Travel and accommodation costs for short research trips (max. 1 month) are covered.
• The maximum funding amount per project for the Swiss team is CHF 4,500 per team per year and is renewable once.
• Participation is open to all Swiss private and public research institutions (universities, research institutes, HES/FHS, PH, etc.).
• Companies can participate in the project if they have joined an academic partner organisation.

The funding Programme

Approved projects 2024

The funding programme at a glance

  • Project dossiers can be submitted in French or English.
  • Projects that have already received support under this programme cannot be submitted as new applications immediately after their completion.

IMPORTANT: Only applications submitted by both research partners to the bodies responsible for managing the programme in their country will be accepted. Swiss researchers are requested to make sure of this.

Link to Campus France (for the French team)

  • Scientific quality of the project

  • Scientific competences of the teams

  • Active participation and mobility of young researchers, in particular doctoral and post-doctoral students.

  • Interest in cooperation and complementarity of the French and foreign teams

  • Structuring and validation perspectives of the project

  • Proportion of women in the research teams

  • Expected scientific (and, if applicable, industrial) results

  • Other European funding already guaranteed to the research team (Horizon 2020, Marie Sklodowska-Curie, COST)

  • New collaboration with the partner team

Application year 

  • 11 March: Start of the application phase for the funding programme
  • 15 May: Deadline for submission of project dossiers (in French or English)
  • 15 June: Deadline for expert evaluations
  • End of November: Publication of the results on the SATW website

First year       

  • 26 September: Deadline for submission of the mid-term report (max. 2 pages including request for extension of financial support) and for the first cost reimbursement application (cf. form)
  • December: Deadline for the second cost reimbursement application (cf. form)

Second year    

  • 15 September: Deadline for the third cost reimbursement application (cf. form)
  • December: Deadline for the fourth claim for reimbursement (cf. form)

Last year     

  • 28 February: Deadline for submission of the final report (max. 3 pages)


 Edith Schnapper

Edith Schnapper

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 François Courant

François Courant

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