The platform is dedicated to the theme of autonomous mobility, focusing initially on autonomous driving. Its aim is to clarify the stages of development, analyse the corresponding technologies and their state of development, highlight the key aspects, including opportunities and risks, and propose appropriate solutions in the event of problems. The overall aim is to deal with this complex subject in a competent and factual manner, while maintaining the necessary neutrality, to create and strengthen awareness, to trigger initiatives and to counter negative developments as early as possible. Specialist workshops are planned on particularly relevant topics, the first towards the end of 2018 on sufficient reliability and potential (new) risks of autonomous vehicles. One or more events and publications aimed at the general public will follow in due course.

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  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kröger, SATW (Head)
  • Andreas Burgener, Direktor auto Schweiz
  • Bernhard Gerster, Berner Fachhochschule
  • Stefan Huonder, ASTRA
  • Dr. Marco Laumanns, Bestmile
  • Dr. Jürg Michel, BLS
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Probst, Universität Freiburg 
  • Dr. Reto Schneider
  • Thomas Küchler, Südostbahn
  • Martin Neubauer, Postauto Schweiz