The speed of technological change is restricting future visibility. There is therefore a need for reliable tools to help provide guidance. As part of its federal mandate to identify technologies at an early stage, SATW summarises and makes available the relevant knowledge. This knowledge results in valuable products such as Technology Outlook, situation analyses for the Confederation and Cantons and the Innovativeness Analysis.




Distribution system operators at the center of the energy future: Innovative ways to transform the Swiss energy system

Energy and environment Foresight

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Technology Outlook

Technology Outlook is the central knowledge platform for Switzerland as a business location, and offers you detailed texts on technologies and showcases, as well as national and international trends. You can bookmark individual articles, and thus compile and download your own personalised copy of Technology Outlook.

Knowledge platform

There are many ways for industrial firms to exploit the opportunities that the smart factory brings. Technology Outlook helps determine which technologies are relevant here.

Patricia Deflorin, University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons

Technology Outlook is a crystal ball that shows us not only what technologies are capable of, but also identifies shortcomings that we need to address in our efforts to turn vision into reality.

Alessandro Curioni, IBM Research

Foresight for your region

Want to know who is working on the technologies of tomorrow in your local area? Or what a particular region’s strengths and associated development potential are? We provide tailor-made answers to your questions.

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Future visions and technologies for distribution grids

Energy and environment Foresight
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Management Summary Technology Outlook



Dr. Claudia Schärer

Dr. Claudia Schärer

Head of Foresight

 Stefan Scheidegger

Stefan Scheidegger

Scientific Associate, Foresight