Population growth and a growing need for mobility are creating a growing number of challenges for Switzerland. Autonomous driving could be part of the solution. SATW is analysing the current state of the technology, as well as the anticipated development paths and launch timelines for self-driving vehicles, focusing particularly on the necessary safety requirements. By doing so, it aims to promote understanding of the technology and encourage the definition of suitable framework conditions.



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Factsheet “Autonomous Mobility”

Autonomous mobility

Autonomous Driving Topical Platform

Find out about the Autonomous Driving Topical Platform. Its aim is to create clarity about the various stages of development achieved in autonomous driving, analyse the associated technologies and development status and shed light on key factors such as opportunities and risks. In doing so, it attaches importance to addressing the complex issue in a neutral and knowledgeable way, creating awareness and launching initiatives so that potential undesirable developments can be identified and rectified at an early stage.

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Dr. Christian Holzner

Dr. Christian Holzner

Energy and Environment Programme Manager