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Swiss Energy Data Space - Interview with Matthias Galus

Energy and environment Artificial Intelligence

A sober look at the myth of AI: Dog paints picture – who does it belong to?

Digitalisation Artificial Intelligence

Deborah Müller: A central figure in the promotion of young talent at the SATW

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How can we safeguard the health of 10 million people in Switzerland and 10 billion worldwide, while ensuring they have nutritious food?

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2024 SATW Annual Congress - “How to safeguard the health of 10 million people in Switzerland, and 10 billion people worldwide, and ensure they have sufficient food?”

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A realistic look at the AI myth: Automated cars injure pedestrians - what now?

Autonomous mobility Artificial Intelligence

How can a smooth defossilisation of the Swiss chemical sector be achieved?

Energy and environment

The SATW Sustainable Manufacturing Expert Group: Pathways to a sustainable industry

Advanced Manufacturing Energy and environment

The future of distribution grids is the subject of intense debate

Energy and environment

The new SATW annual report is here

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Despite the EU adequacy decision, the exchange of personal data remains a patchwork quilt


Distribution system operators at the center of the energy future: Innovative ways to transform the Swiss energy system

Energy and environment Foresight
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"Swiss TecLadies": Mentoring gave an insight into an apprenticeship as an optician

Swiss TecLadies Technology education

People as a success factor in the digitalisation of industrial processes

Digitalisation Advanced Manufacturing
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A realistic look at the AI myth: Robodog injures jogger - what now?

Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to molecular diagnostics, most transplant patients can lead an almost normal life

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In search of clever minds and skilful hands for the professions of the future

TecDays Technology education

Restart of the Germaine de Staël funding programme: Impulse for research cooperation between Switzerland and France

Germaine de Staël

SATW welcomes 14 new members

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Innovative project ideas for a sustainable Swiss food system

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