Comprehensive revision of the Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record: SATW statement

Switzerland’s healthcare system is currently facing decisive questions arising from the issue of how to administer and finance the electronic patient record (EPR).

A clear, uniform strategy is crucial to ensuring effective use of health data in the country. However, data protection and the benefits for the individual and society must be safeguarded. 

Here are the key points from the statement:

  1. Prioritise customer benefits: Efforts should focus on the benefits for patients and healthy people and should be supported by clear information with a strong visual component.
  2. Safeguard data protection: Health insurers should not have access to individuals’ EPRs. The rights of the people insured must be protected in all data, whether individual or collective.

  3. Data accessibility for research: EPR data should be accessible for research purposes, subject to the application of security and information mechanisms.
  4. Central administration and financing: The EPR should be subject to standard, centralised administration and financing to avoid unnecessary additional cost and duplication.

  5. System revision: The Confederation should actively coordinate the EPR process to standardise regional implementation centres and unite core communities.

  6. Roll-out of electronic identity (E-ID): The E-ID planned by the Confederation should be used as the primary solution for identification.

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Many thanks to the authors: Djordje Filipovic, André Golliez, Ernst Hafen, Hans-Peter Meyer and Manuel Kugler.