Cybersecurity Map

The Cybersecurity Map gives a concise insight into current technological developments relevant from a cybersecurity perspective. Each development is shown as an icon in the Venn diagram below and is backed up with a factsheet. The factsheets show the recommendations of the SATW Cybersecurity Advisory Board to politics and the economy with which Switzerland can increase its «cyber-resilience». Click on the individual technologies and find out more.

Cloud Computing
Dependency and complexity

Dependency and complexity

Technologische Entwicklungen:

Methodology and update

The selection of technological developments is based on the assessment of the members of the SATW Cybersecurity Advisory Board. The Cybersecurity Map does not claim to be a scientific study, but is intended to address the most relevant topics in a practical way. The topics as well as the factsheets are reviewed every six months and completely revised once a year. The classification of technological developments in the Venn diagram according to the three dimensions of «decision-making», «regulation» and «investment» is based on the primary area of need for action by policymakers according to a recommendation of the SATW Cybersecurity Advisory Board.