Technology Outlook 2021

What technological advances will shape Swiss economy and society in the coming years? The Technology Outlook 2021 provides the answer! 

Every two years, SATW produces an early identification report, the Technology Outlook, which describes promising technologies, assesses their significance for Switzerland and compares Switzerland with selected European countries based on social media posts. 

For the first time, the significance of the technologies for Switzerland, but also the intensity of the discussion on social media is shown as a trend overt time. 

Technologies and their development in an international comparison

Technologies and their development in an international comparison: The analysis is based on Twitter posts on the official social media channels of universities in Switzerland, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria and Sweden that mention one of the technologies discussed in the Technology Outlook.

Twitter Techtrends: European trends and comparison with Switzerland

Twitter Techtrends: in the course of time           

Technology trends and technologies in Switzerland

The Technology Outlook describes 43 promising technologies and shows their significance specifically for Switzerland. The technologies presented interact with each other and enable therefore much broader technological trends such as cybersecurity or smart cities. 

Technologies and their importance for Switzerland

Technology trends                                           

Technology and society

Two contributions address general aspects of digitalisation and describe methods of application rather than specific technologies. For this reason, they do not appear in the presentation on the significance of the technologies for Switzerland. 

Data sovereignty

Digital Trust