Waste2Taste: Hybrid protein food from the fermentation of okara with fungi

Approved projects 20:41

Prof. Tiffany Abitbol


In the light of its protein value in particular, the substantial amounts of wasted or underutilised okara have prompted new efforts to repurpose it into food products. In this project, we plan to ferment okara with edible fungi to create a nutritious food, whose composition, flavour, and texture are shaped and potentially transformed by the growth of a living organism – the fungi.

In the Food 4.0 programme, the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences, under the leadership of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences SATW, support innovative project ideas that are at the very beginning of development. In particular, the programme supports projects that demonstrate new perspectives for the successful development of the Swiss food system. The selected projects make an important contribution to solving the greatest challenges and address the topics of food waste, sustainability and health.