Vernissage Technology Outlook 2023 - Finding your way in the technology jungle

Press releases Foresight 15:05

At the vernissage of the Technology Outlook last Thursday on the Campus Est of the USI-SUPSI in Lugano, stakeholders from science and industry engaged in a lively discussion on how Swiss society could better position itself for the challenges and opportunities of future technologies. Monica Duca Widmer, Chair of the USI Council, summarized the evening as follows: "The USI is grateful to SATW for this study, which identified the most promising technologies, and for the discussion evening, during which two key messages emerged. The first is that innovation is most likely to emerge at the interface between different disciplines. The second message is that politics, both cantonal and national, must complement the efforts of researchers by providing them with the best framework conditions to create a truly innovation-friendly "ecosystem" that can support not only start-ups but also existing SMEs."


Credits: Ti-Press / SATW