SAIROP: Swiss Artificial Intelligence Research Overview Platform

Swiss organizations from the fields of research funding, academia and industry have agreed to jointly compile an overview of the expertise of Swiss research institutions in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). As an enabling technology that is finding its way into all areas of daily life, AI is of outstanding importance for Switzerland as a research location and for future value creation. The planned platform – the Swiss AI Research Overview Platform (SAIROP) – Is intended to present an overview of AI competencies in Switzerland's scattered research landscape. To this end, the partners involved will compile information on current research projects from existing databases, process it and make it more accessible by means of the new platform – which is likely to be unique in the European region in the planned level of detail. SAIROP will improve the visibility of Swiss AI research partners, providing a new gateway for local and international companies and research institutions to initiate future innovation projects. SAIROP is scheduled to be launched in fall 2021 and will be publicly accessible.