Distribution system operators at the center of the energy future: Innovative ways to transform the Swiss energy system

Energy and environment Foresight 12:36

SATW and the National Center of Competence in Research Automation (NCCR Automation) present a new study for distribution system operators, decision-makers and other stakeholders in the energy sector. It provides an overview of the upcoming change and addresses the resulting challenges, which will pose particular challenges for small and medium-sized distribution system operators. Innovative technologies and new business models offer solutions and open up opportunities.

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Decentralisation, electrification and digitalisation as opportunities 

The transformation of the energy system is driven by decarbonisation, decentralisation, digitalisation and electrification. This is precisely where distribution system operators are facing new challenges and opportunities. It is essential that distribution grids adapt to this change, with technologies such as artificial intelligence and data analysis, bidirectional charging systems, storage solutions and mini-grids playing a key role. They simplify the integration of decentralised, fluctuating energy sources into the grid and increase grid stability without requiring major investments in the distribution grid.

New business models 

Thanks to new business models such as aggregators and energy as a service, distribution system operators can take on a more active role in the energy system and offer new services. Digital data platforms that bring end customers together play a key role in this.

A picture of the mood and insight into new technologies 

The publication provides a picture of the mood among Swiss distribution system operators, describes the changes in the energy system and looks at the importance of innovative technologies. It shows opportunities and development possibilities that pave the way for distribution system operators to meet future challenges and actively shape the future of energy.  

Invitation to deepen 

We invite you to immerse yourself in the study "Future visions and technologies for distribution grids". Learn more about challenges, opportunities and technologies as well as new business models as innovative solutions that contribute to the transformation of the Swiss energy system 

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