Cybercrime and working from home in the post-pandemic era: current developments and challenges for Swiss SMEs

Cybersecurity 10:54

In a world that is changing ever faster, Swiss SMEs are also facing new challenges. The pandemic has already had a significant impact on the way companies work and digitise. Now that the Covid-19 measures have been lifted, the situation is being exacerbated by a war in Europe and its impact on cybersecurity.

In the wake of current developments, the fourth survey on digitalisation and cyber security at Swiss SMEs was conducted. In the process, 502 company managers were interviewed by telephone. The results, presented in twelve sections and charts, provide a clear picture of the current situation of SMEs with regard to working from home and cyber security.

The analysis reveals, among other things, that awareness of cybercrime and the urgency of appropriate protective measures is high. It is striking that technology-orientated companies in particular are increasingly taking precautions against cyber attacks.

Against the backdrop of new challenges, this study aims to offer SMEs a solid basis for effectively realising their approaches and reducing risks. It is essential that these companies plan and act with foresight in order to stay on the ball in a rapidly changing world.

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