Germaine de Staël

The application period is finished


The "Germaine de Staël" programme promotes collaboration between French and Swiss researchers and research teams by providing funding towards travel and accommodation expenses incurred by their team members as part of attending meetings or conferences. Funding of around CHF 4,500 per project per year is provided to Swiss participants.

Projects accepted for 2022

Participation conditions
The Partenariat Hubert Curien/Germaine de Staël Funding is open to every public or private Swiss research institute (Higher education institutions, universities, research institutes, HES/FHS and companies). All the scientific fields are allowed.

Applications must be submitted in time and both in France (Campus France) and Switzerland to be considered!

Submissions are allowed in English or in French.

Selection criteria

  • Scientific quality and relevance
  • Scientific skills of the teams
  • Available facilities to conduct the project
  • Need of the collaboration
  • Complementarity of the teams
  • Mutual exchange of professional experiences
  • Expected scientific (and industrial, if applicable) results
  • Other European funding request (Horizon 2020, Marie Sklodowska-Curie, COST)
  • PhD students and young researchers involvement in the project

Handbook and deadlines

Submission's year 2022  
February 1st
  Opening of the application
procedure for the funding
15 June (new date)
  Deadline for the projects’
submission (form in English/French)
30 June (new date)   Deadline for the referees
evaluations’ submissions
  Publication on the website of
the results by the selection committee
1st year  
26 September

  Deadline for the mid-term report
submission (maximum 2 pages,
including the request to extend
the funding for the second year) and
for the first expenses submission (cf. form)
1 December
  Deadline for the 2nd expenses
submission (cf. form)
2nd year
15 September
  Deadline for the 3rd expenses
submission (cf. form)
1 December
  Deadline for the 4th expenses
submission (cf. form)
Last year
28 February
  Deadline for the final report
submission (maximum 3 pages)