Concorso per le classi delle scuole medie superiori

Science on the Move

Nel 2023 si svolgerà la settima edizione del concorso nazionale per le classi! Le classi delle scuole medie superiori di tutta la Svizzera si contenderanno il primo premio, una settimana scientifica all'estero. Il concorso richiede e promuove le capacità creative di studenti intraprendenti. L'intero concorso si svolgerà in inglese.

What is Science on the Move?

Launched in 2011, Science on the Move is a biannual, nationwide science competition for upper secondary school classes in Switzerland. The programme promotes scientific curiosity, enthusiasm and teamwork. The competition is open to schools in all regions of Switzerland. Around 3,700 students have participated in the tournament since its launch.

The first phase of the competition is dedicated to research and experimental work and documentation of the results. Only the ten best classes proceed then to the second phase where they prepare a creative stage performance presenting their results and experiences.

The classes will prepare their contributions in their classroom, at school or wherever they see fit.
The Final Event will take place at Roche in Basel/Kaiseraugst in June 2023. The winning class is then selected by a jury of experts from science, education and industry.


  • Application period: November 2022 - January 2023
  • Competition: February 2023 - May 2023
  • Final Event: Thursday, June 8, 2023

Science on the move