Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee is responsible for the procedure to elect individual members as laid down in the Nomination Regulations. It gathers information on the application proposals and puts forward a selection of these applications for the attention of those who are entitled to vote in accordance with Article 6 para. 3 of the Articles of Association. Proposals for applications may only be made by persons who have a right to vote in the General Meeting. While they are on the Nomination Committee, members of the committee may neither submit nor support applications.


Prof. Christofer Hierold 
ETH Zürich

Mitglieder Wahlkommission 

Dr. Rolf Allenspach
IBM Research – Zurich

Dr. Silvio Bonaccio
ETH Zürich

Dr. Benoît Dubuis
Fondation Campus Biotech Geneva

Willy R. Gehrer (ex officio)

Prof. Dr. Jane Royston
Aqua + Tech Specialities SA