Joint study by ICTswitzerland, ISSS, SATW, SISA, swissICT, SWITCH and FITSU – MELANI

One in seven people have already been a victim of cyber attacks

SATW et al. | 

About one million people in Switzerland have already been affected by an attack via the Internet. These are the findings of a study conducted by the social research institute gfs-zürich at the beginning of 2019. These attacks resulted in financial damage, needed time and expense to put them right or had a stressful emotional impact. Nonetheless, more than half of those affected believe they are sufficiently well informed to be able to protect themselves against such attacks. This conflicting view, at odds with the reality of the damage caused, shows just how important comprehensive awareness-raising activities are. The National Strategy for the Protection of Switzerland Against Cyber Risks (NCS) 2018-2022 is a key pillar in this endeavour.