Cloud Computing – Services from the 'Cloud'

Matthias Kaiserswerth et al. | 
Cloud Computing – Services from the 'Cloud'

Results from a SATW expert workshop.

‘Cloud computing’ began changing the world in 2004. The spread of broadband internet connections was a crucial prerequisite for this, as they mean that it makes very little difference to users whether data or services are available locally on their own computer or elsewhere on remote machines and applications using an allegorical ‘cloud’.

This publication uses four case studies to present various scenarios where cloud solutions could be successfully applied in different ways. The example of the University of Bari demonstrates that university cloud solutions can also include individuals and thus support local small companies. Taking an example from public administration, the Federal Office of Topography swisstop uses a cloud solution to provide a wealth of spatial and location-specific data. The case of Cisco outlines the example of an international company which works together with partners across the world. The fourth example also comes from the private sector: Fleurop-Interflora’s online shops have the reliable availability they need thanks to a Swiss-made cloud solution.

Cloud Computing – Services from the 'Cloud': in German, in French