Biotechnology for all

Marc Dusseiller et al. | 

Report from a workshop on “DIY laboratory equipment for bioanalytics”.

Biotechnological research is no longer limited to specialist laboratories: a growing community of biologists, amateur enthusiasts and technophiles is experimenting in kitchens, workshops and DIY laboratories. Some people view the democratisation of biotechnology as a threat, others as an opportunity to gain a better understanding of complex scientific interrelationships within society.

DIY in bioanalytics: doing and grasping it yourself

In collaboration with FHNW and the “Hackteria” network, SATW organised a two-day workshop on “DIY laboratory equipment for bioanalytics” in October 2014. The focus of this event was the question of how biohacking and DIY strategies could be used as meaningful teaching units.

Biotechnology for all