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31. May 2023

Is democracy threatened by artificial intelligence?

Georges Kotrotsios | democracy | digitalisation

This article explores the disruptive potential of AI algorithms and the challenges posed by the increasing complexity of digitalization. It discusses the impact on political decision-making, voting behavior, and the need for unbiased AI intelligent assistants. However, it also raises concerns about data manipulation and algorithm biases. Is there a threat to democracies? The article emphasizes the importance of regulations, citizen education, and international governance.

13. November 2019

Understanding Data as a New Form of Capital

Georges Kotrotsios | digitalisation

Today the role of science and technology has become more important than ever. Digitalisation is playing a key role in this change. But digitalisation is fuelled by data, which therefore has become a factor of production equally important as capital. In fact, data is a form of capital, but with some specific distinctions. As such, it opens up new opportunities, but also harbours certain risks.