Improving Cybersecurity: How Sovereign Can Switzerland Be?

Much of the essential data for a functioning digital society is controlled by a handful of global corporations. The majority of hardware and software for vital and critical systems are also produced by a few international companies. This dependency entails certain risks. The question therefore arises for Switzerland as to how it can increase its digital independence - its cyber sovereignty.

In 2017 and 2018, SATW already held two top-class events on this topic in Berne. Building on this, SATW and Kickstart are organising an exclusive evening event for decision-makers from administration, business, politics and science as part of Kickstart Cybersecurity Week in Zurich.

Learn from the Federal Delegate for Cyber Security what opportunities he sees for Switzerland in the area of cybersecurity and discuss with experts technological solutions for achieving higher cyber physical sovereignty of Switzerland. Furthermore, you will learn about the innovations, with which the six cybersecurity startups qualified for the Kickstart programme plan to conquer the market. We would be delighted to welcome you.


  • Florian Schütz, Federal Delegate for Cybersecurity
  • Rami Efrati, former Head of the Civilian Division of the Israel National Cyber Bureau
  • Thomas Dübendorfer, President at Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC)




  • 17.00 Registration
  • 17.30 Welcoming Address
  • 17.45 Addressing Cyber Risk While Embracing Opportunities (Florian Schütz)
  • 18.00 Cyber Sovereignty - Reality or Illusion? (Thomas Dübendorfer)
  • 18.20 Cyber Sovereignty - an International View (Rami Efrati)
  • 18.40 Panel Discussion and Q&A
    • Maya Bundt (Head Cyber and Digital Strategy, Swiss Re)
    • Thomas Dübendorfer
    • Rami Efrati
    • Marc Holitscher (CTO Microsoft Switzerland)
    • Florian Schütz
  • 19.40 Closing Remarks
  • 19.45 Cybersecurity Startups Pitch
  • 20.00 Reception/Apero


Erfahren Sie mehr über die sechs Start-ups in unserem Blogbeitrag «Kickstart: Die Suche nach innovativen Partnerschaften beginnt».