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SATW Technology Outlook

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"Additive Fertigung mit Biomaterialien"; 31 May 2016, FHNW, Olten

Transferkolleg "Functional coatings, layers and interfaces"; 19/20 May 2016

Industrielle Produktion der Zukunft am Standort Zürich; 9 September 2015

Transferkolleg "High performance composite materials and industrial production“; 4/5 June 2015

EMPA Technology Briefing: Additive Manufacturing - quo vadis?; 21 January 2015

Follow-up 2 of SATW Forum Advanced Manufacturing; 12 December 2013

Follow-up 1 of SATW Forum Advanced Manufacturing; 3 September 2013

SATW Forum Advanced Manufacturing; 21 March 2013

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

It is of high relevance for the Swiss economy to be able to rely on a competitive industrial production sector. In past years, major progress has been made internationally in the fields of additive manufacturing and industry 4.0. In Switzerland, many efforts are being undertaken, both by industrial concerns and by research institutions, to push these topics. However, it is countries such as the USA, the United Kingdom or Germany that remain the main drivers and major players.

The SATW is of the opinion that seminal progress will keep being made in these fields in coming years, with deep repercussions for industrial production modes. The present initiative therefore attempts to strengthen the position of Swiss research and industry in these areas by means of more intense and better coordinated research activities. The aim is to position Switzerland as a leading force when it comes to future manufacturing processes.


SATW Advanced Manufacturing Research Alliance


The SATW Advanced Manufacturing Research Alliance aims to foster autonomous collaboration among existing Swiss research bodies in the field of advanced manufacturing. It focuses mainly on additive manufacturing processes and industry 4.0.

Read on to find out more about the Research Alliance and who its current members are.


Three Swiss players to cooperate in the field of additive manufacturing


Switzerland is too small for everyone to be doing their own thing. This applies also and in particular to the field of additive manufacturing. The AM Network Switzerland, Swissmem’s Swiss Additive Manufacturing Group (SAMG) and the SATW Advanced Manufacturing Research Alliance have therefore published a joint statement about their plans for closer cooperation and regular exchange.

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Research overview Advanced Manufacturing in Switzerland

Forschungsübersicht AM englisch

Many research activities are underway in Switzerland both in the field of additive manufacturing and industry 4.0. The SATW has compiled the research overview «Advanced Manufacturing in Switzerland» to allow Swiss researchers to better coordinate their activities and provide industry with an insight into current research activities. The report also makes it possible to identify gaps in research.

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