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Nurturing Young Engineering Talent

Nurturing Young Engineering Talent

Switzerland has a distinct shortage of skilled labour in the technology and information technology sectors. Compared with other foreign countries, particularly few women enter technical professions. There is a comprehensive need for action in areas ranging from family, extracurricular learning settings and vocational guidance to training institutions and companies.

SATW monitors and analyses development in the promotion of young talent, commissions studies when required, and indicates where there is a need for action. It motivates the various players to act and also implements its own promotion measures.

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8th SATW Conference on Nurturing Young Engineering Talent (in German)
Encouraging abilities and quality development in out-of-classroom STEM learning locations.


7th SATW Conference on Nurturing Young Engineering Talent
Results of the STEM Careers Barometer
Tuesday 11 November 2014, FHNW, Campus Brugg-Windisch

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