Nurturing Young Engineering Talent
Switzerland has a distinct shortage of skilled labour in the technology and information technology sectors. Compared with other foreign countries, particularly few women enter technical professions. There is a comprehensive need for action in areas ranging from family, extracurricular learning settings and vocational guidance to training institutions and companies.

Cyber Security
The world’s combined information base is rapidly increasing and new methods are enabling this data to be compiled and evaluated. This has also brought with it an increased risk of cyber espionage and abuse. It is therefore important that modern users are aware of the basic principles of how to navigate data space safely and know the potential consequences of various actions.

Manufacturing processes of the future
Switzerland currently has a significant industrial sector. However, new technologies are emerging which it could be vital for companies to master in order to remain industrially competitive in high-wage countries. In many countries, technology innovation centres work together with industry to tackle real-world problems. However, Switzerland has nothing comparable to offer. The aim of this focus programme is therefore to promote applied, precompetitive research, establish a centre for advanced manufacturing and raise awareness in politics and business.




Resources and sustainability