Where will the energy of the future come from? Irrespective of the sources, security of supply needs to be ensured on the one hand, while sustainability must be taken into account on the other.

In the long term it is inevitable that most or even all of the worldwide energy supply will have to come from renewable energy sources. Fossil fuel supplies are limited, and their use must be phased out for reasons of climate protection. The development of renewable energies must therefore push ahead quickly. From today’s perspective the complete changeover of the energy supply is likely to take place towards the end of this century at the earliest. The higher energy consumption rises, the more difficult it will be to make this changeover. So the more efficient use of energies and materials and the development of renewable energies are complementary strategic directions which must also be pursued equally.

Power supply

The supply of electricity is a burning issue on the political agenda. Not just from the point of view of the question "Atomic energy – yes or no?". Obligations to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, peak oil and economic and technical development mean that power consumption in general and the share of electricity in the energy supply will continue to rise. In order to meet the demand for electricity, besides considering the electricity production side it will also be necessary to consider efficient energy use and the possibilities for and limitations of expansion of the electricity network and network operation.

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