Biology is increasingly becoming an engineering science. The latest development is synthetic biology which aims to specifically construct cells with certain properties.

Synthetic biology is still in its beginnings, and realisations to date seem more an extension of previous work in genetic engineering. Yet even at this early stage it is important to give consideration to the opportunities and risks presented by this new discipline and to stimulate debate about it.

Green biotechnology

Green biotechnology is the branch of biotechnology dealing with agriculture. It makes use of modern methods in biochemistry, systems biology, microbiology, molecular biology and process technology to improve arable crops so that they can be used to obtain fibers and other products such as enzymes, pharmaceuticals or even plastics.


So-called biogenic fuels, or biofuels for short, are produced from biomass and used in combustion engines. Thus they are suitable energy sources for transport but also for stationary applications such as generators. However, not all biofuels are economically viable or ecologically and socially acceptable.

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