General Assembly and Ceremony

General Assembly and Ceremony

Impressions of the General Assembly and the Ceremony held on 15 May 2014 in Neuchâtel. The General Assembly took place in the premises of CSEM; the Ceremony was held at the Beaulac Hotel.

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The 2014 intake of individual members with SATW President Ulrich W. Suter at the Ceremony in Neuchâtel:

Dr. Brigitte Buchmann, Stefan Cadosch, Dr. Ulrich Claessen
Prof. Elgar Fleisch, Prof. Klaus Fröhlich
Willy R. Gehrer, Prof. Bernhard M. Hämmerli, Prof. Beat H. Meier
Prof. Francesco Mondada, Prof. Pramod Rastogi
Dr. Sonja Studer Surbeck, Gérald Vernez, Prof. Laurent Vulliet

Not pictured: Prof. Konstantinos Boulouchos, Prof. Anton Gunzinger, and Dr. Ian Roberts.

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At the General Assembly:

At the lectern: President Ulrich W. Suter and Treasurer Eric Fumeaux (top) as well as Mario El-Khoury, CSEM General Director, and SATW Managing Director Rolf Hügli (bottom). Individual members Gabriel Minder (top) and Eduard Kiener (bottom) ask questions.

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At the General Assembly, leave was taken of:

Irene Aegerter (Vice President), Richard Bührer (Executive Committee), Jacques Jacot (Executive Committee), Suzanne Thoma (Executive Committee), Francesco Mondada (Scientific advisory board, not pictured), and Rudolf Dinger (Nomination Committee).

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