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Vision / Mission

Vision / Mission


SATW is recognized as the principal organisation for the communication of independent, objective and comprehensive information about technology – as a basis for the forming of well-founded opinions – and as an effective institution for the promotion of engineering sciences and new technologies in Switzerland.


Early recognition
SATW identifies technological developments of relevance to industry and informs politicians and society about the significance and consequences of such developments.

Dialogue with the population
SATW specifically promotes understanding of technology and sustainability in society and in the political arena.

SATW promotes cooperation between industry, research institutions and educational establishments and forges links between leading experts and organisations in the engineering sciences, nationally and internationally.

Promotion of technology
SATW promotes the engineering sciences and draws attention to outstanding scientific and technological achievements.

Encouragement of young people
SATW encourages interest in engineering and engineering careers among young people and supports measures aimed at improving the teaching of engineering in educational institutions.

Supporting the economy
SATW commits to supporting the implementation of scientific discoveries in services of value to the national economy, and actively contributes to the promotion of innovation and SMEs.

Independent expertise and advice
SATW advises politicians, industry and organisations on engineering questions and conducts studies of national and international importance.

SATW assumes selected coordination roles in the domain of the engineering sciences, for example between the Swiss Confederation, universities and associations.